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Short description

Petunial is a pythonic hosting control panel. Petunial is written in Python and released under the BSD License. Petunial manages various services like: HTTP, FTP, Mail, and DNS. Petunial offers a solution for automated hosting services. Petunial is platform independent and has completly modular design.

Long description

Petunial is able handle and configure well known services and utilize a database in the backend to facilitate plugins/modules for each service. Petunial is a complete hosting automation platform. Petunial consist of an user interface (web based GUI) and a (distributed) daemon to collect and manipulate configurations on different machines. The target audience of Petunial are large scale hosting providers that need to control multiple servers with different services like Mail, HTTP and FTP via an unified and functionally extensible interface.

With Petunial you can configure your server and applications, create user with domains using minimal point-and-click operations.

Petunial is Open Source Software and dedicated to giving users, administrators and developers the ultimate level of control over their servers, and their data.

In particular, the administrator is able to switch easily between different modules for different kind of applications.

Petunial will is developed to be multilingual, where every piece of Petunial software can be translated into any desired natural language.

Petunial is not reinventing the wheel, it makes heavy usage of well known and stable Python modules like Cheetah template engine and Cherrypy webserver.

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